Welcome to the website of The Inside Out Partnership, a global network of consultants and coaches dedicated to improving collaboration between individuals, teams and organisations.

In our experience, despite the best intentions of leaders to transform organisational performance, the results they set out to achieve are seldom met. We believe this is because the willingness and ability of people to work together has little to do with the lines on their organisation chart or the shape of their processes. Whilst these clearly have some bearing on performance, it is the quality and richness of the interactions that take place between people that ultimately determines the quality of results.

We share a fundamental belief - that great relationships are at the heart of great results. Together, we work with clients to bring about sustainable improvements in performance by drawing attention to the ways in which people interact with one another, surfacing and working with competing priorities, complex problems and unspoken differences.

If you would like to learn more about how we could help your organisation improve collaboration or book a demonstration of the Collaboration Game, please contact us at any time.